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Alternative for gReader Pro + Feedly? gReader Pro!

If you are a user of the gReader Pro application and you have some new phone or you have just reseted your phone to the factory settings, you may noticed that gReader Pro isn’t restored from Google backup. Why…?

Currently, gReader Pro was pulled back from the Google Play store, so it can’t be restored. The application is supported any more, so Notion (the author of the gReader) probably pulled it back from the Google Play store by himself.

You can find the APK file somewhere on the internet, but if you were using gReader Pro combined with Feedly and you authorise yourself with a Google account (OAuth protocol – the only authorization option which Feedly supported when was created), you are screwed.

Currently, gReader is not able to authorise itself by the Google account because of some change in API of user agents.

If you are saying to yourself what are the alternatives for gReader, I’ll save some time – there isn’t any good alternative. gReader is a unique application because of 4 main reasons:

  1. Feedly support
  2. Text-To-Speech support
  3. Offline reading
  4. Nice and fast-to-navigate UI.

I’ve tried several other alternatives to gReader, including the Feedly Android application, non of them has qualities like gReader. How to solve the problem with authorization?

A solution is quite easy. At the time of writing this article, Feedly supports adding a new type of the login to your existing account.

The solution is the adding a email login to your Feedly account and voilà – you will be able to use a gReader Pro with your Feedly account!

If you are looking for a download of the gReader Pro v4.3.1, here is the safe link:

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  1. Great! Only found this now, but was still mourning the demise of gReader Pro, so had to use Feedly itself. Thanks to you I will be able to reinstall it, thank you!

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