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Easy M3U Generator made with PowerShell

I’ve downloaded many tutorial in *.mp4 file format from some online course site recently. After third course, I was tired with creating m3u playlist by myself. I had more than 80 folders to go, so I’ve tried to look at the problem from a different perspective.

Probably there is some tool which I can use to generate playlists for each folder recursively, right? Wrong. There isn’t or I wasn’t able to find it out.

I’ve tried several tool but their output was far from my expectations. I just wanted to generated M3U playlist for each folder based on MP4 files within.

I’ve stopped to search for the tool and decided to create it by my own. PowerShell is an ideal tool for such task. I wrote a script which goes through folders recursively, the root directory of the search is the directory where the script is located. If the script finds some MP3 or MP4 files within the directory, generates the M3U playlist for that particular folder.

There is no need for installation anything. You just have to download (HERE) and place it to the root folder where you want to generate M3U playlists.

Enjoy it!

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